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EauMG’s Favorite Shower Gels

Marilyn Monroe Shower


As corny as it sounds, I view bathing as a ritual. For me, it represents rebirth. At the end of the day, I can wash away my sorrows and start fresh. In the morning, I can prepare myself for an erratic day. For five or ten minutes daily, this is my time to start over. And as woo as it sounds, I take this time to reflect on the positive things in my life¹, of course, while using products with scents that I enjoy… Continue reading | 13 Comments

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Memebox Scentbox Reviews

Memebox Logo

Memebox is a nifty little service that sends full-size Korean products to beauty addicts in the states and beyond (shipping to 51 countries). Original Memeboxes contain 4-8 full-size products. Superboxes contain 1 full-size with sample/travel sizes.

Being a beauty product fiend, I couldn’t settle for just one box. I ended up ordering three of the Scentboxes. Because this is EauMG and this is a dedicated “scent space”. I was curious to see what is happening scentwise in the world of Korean cosmetics. Plus, if I bought 3… Continue reading | 14 Comments

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EauMG’s 2014 July Empties

July 2014 Empties

Can you believe it’s already August? They say when you get older that time flies…this is true. These months are starting to feel so blurry.

I didn’t empty as many products in July as I did in June. That’s because I didn’t have so many half empty products around. I started on my “new old stock” which I have more of than I thought. I’m such a cosmetics hoarder.

I’m still in a no-buy until September. I’m… Continue reading | 17 Comments

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Strange Invisible Perfumes Lemon & Neroli Body Wash Review

Strange Invisible Perfumes Lemon & neroli

I’m sure that many of you are tired of the summer and tired of the heat. In the Seattle area, we have very mild summers. As I’m typing this it is 63º and overcast. However, this past weekend we had a heatwave, temps were in the 90s. This is miserable when you live life without A/C. This type of heat causes my fragrance tastes to change. Suddenly all I want is citrus (something I never want to wear). And this natural body wash… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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Thymes Agave Nectar Body Wash & Hand Lotion Review

Thymes is a personal and home fragrance line located in Minneapolis. For years, I’ve loved their home fragrances. After reading about Agave Nectar Bubble Bath in Allure’s Best of Beauty*, I knew it was time to try Thymes’ body line.

Thymes Agave Nectar

I’m not usually attracted to citrus fragrances so the description of Agave Nectar didn’t jump out at me. The scent itself does. Agave Nectar surprises me with how good it is. It’s a juicy ruby red grapefruit. It’s tart but not overly sulfuric… Continue reading | 3 Comments