Lili Bermuda South Water & Fresh Water EDT Perfume Reviews

Lili Bermuda South Water

Lili Bermuda is one of those overlooked brands in the perfume world and I don’t know why. The house offers some great scents and they’re rather affordable.

The two unisex fragrances that I’m reviewing are great “summer scents”. You can add something to your wardrobe that is fresh and summery without spending a lot of money.

South Water – Includes notes of coconut milk, guava and sea salt. Launched 2009. PERFUMER – David Bothello

South Water is like a poor man’s CREED Virgin

Ayala Moriel Tea Rose Natural Perfume Review

yellow rose wallpaper

Ayala Moriel Tea Rose is a limited edition rose soliflore inspired by Asian varieties of roses. My warning is that you better absolutely adore rose if you are going to try this one. My next warning, I love roses.

Tea Rose opens as a grassy rose with lemony-citronella facets. In the heart, Tea Rose becomes a fruitier rose with a a peach rooibos and green leaves. It dries down to a velvety vanilla rose with musk.

Like I said, this is a rose soliflore. But… Continue reading

Pierre Balmain Monsieur Balmain EDT Perfume Review

Balmain Monsieur Balmain

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

When it becomes summer, I wear rather boring perfumes. I have a limited rotation of da da dum….CITRUS! I’m always saying that I dislike citrus, blah, blah but in reality when it gets hot here, I only wear boring ‘ole citrus. Those in my boring summer rotation include Jean Naté, Mugler Cologne, 4711 and Monsieur Balmain.

Monsieur Balmain opens as neon lemons. Big honking lemons. And then it’s this weird dusty caraway aromatic thing going on… Continue reading | 6 Comments

The Lipstick League – Week of 7/7/2014

Bettie Page

Week of 7/7/2014

Question of the Week: You can only wear one shade of lipstick for the rest of your life – name it.

EauMG’s Answer: This is tough. I feel like I should say red or something. But, then I realize that I really like a good nude too. OK, I’m going to say red because I think I found a loophole. I can wear concealer on my lips mix my red with foundation for a more “nude” look <evil laughter>.

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Sarah Horowitz Perfect Nectar EDP Perfume Review

Sarah Horowitz Perfect Nectar

I think I first started getting interested in niche or  should I say, “cult classic” perfumes around the year 2000. It started with Demeter and then I started to hear things about California brands like Child perfume, Kai and Sarah Horowitz Perfumes. Almost 15 years later, now look at me.

I do think of Perfect Nectar as one of those perfumes that now define indie Californian perfumes of a certain era. It’s a fruity, ozonic fragrance that is all surf and sand -… Continue reading