Not Soap Radio I’m Not Here, I’m Really…Island Hopping Solid Perfume Review

Islangin Hopping Perfume

Hey, want to smell like tom yum? Here you go!

Not Soap Radio I’m Not Here, I’m Really…Island Hopping is a creamy coconut with a heavy helping of lemongrass. The fragrance rests somewhere between tom yum soup without the spice and a really creamy colada without the piña. It’s coconut and lemongrass. Since it’s a solid perfume, it’s rather linear. However, the dry down is a creamy vanilla coconut that reminds me of a delicious island cocktail.

Notes listed include coconut, lemongrass, vanilla, musk and lemon verbena.

GIve Island Hopping a try if you are looking for a coconut or a lemongrass fragrance. Try it if you like Harajuku Lovers G, Saffron James Ipo, B&BW Coconut Lime Verbena and/or Sarah Horowitz Coconut Milk. It’s a beachy unisex scent.

I’ve reviewed solids from this brand before. They come in a plastic jar with a secure lid. The formula is really smooth and slick. It is moisturizing so you could use this on cuticles or even your hair. Projection and longevity is what you’d expect from a solid. If you want to smell like this all day, you’ll have to reapply.

This solid perfume retails for $15 at Not Soap Radio. This fragrance is also available in their body products.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION- Tom yum soup without the spice. Super simple and oddly charming.

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*Disclaimer – Product provided by Not Soap Radio. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product pic with a Martin Denny album is mine.

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