NEW – Villainess Bad Apples 2011 Fall Collection

Villainess Bad Apple Soap and Candle

This autumn, Villainess is launching 4 new, limited edition scents based on a corrupt orchard: Bad Apples. These scents are available in Soaps and soy wax Votive Candles. Here’s the newest fruits in the Villainess line-up:

Discord – “Golden apples fairly glowing in a resinous haze of amber and myrrh and dripping with dragon’s blood.” – FYI dragon’s blood is a legit resin, not some headshop incense 😉

Just Right – “Apples done up in honey and grandma’s own buttery pie crust, steaming Earl, and warm milk so sweet you’ll never want to leave.” – Sounds like a must try for lovers of gourmands.

Proscription – “Apples. Or pomegranates. And does it really matter which? Just out of reach behind a wash of earth and bitter herbs.” – In my mind, this is the Rosh Hashanah fragrance because of the symbolic fruits.

Twistappel – “Green apples, sharp and discordant with fresh ginger, acrid leaves and blood-deep wines.” – This description stands out the most to me.

So do any of these stand out to you? I like the look of the collection. Since childhood I’ve associated more with the evil queen in Disney’s Snow White than with Snow White. I guess I’m a bad apple.

Villainess Burn Candles Bad Apple

The Soaps retail for $5 and the Burn! Candles for $8 at Villainess. Rumor has it that the limited edition candles are selling out quickly.

And readers of EauMG get a special coupon code! Enter EAUMY15 and 15% will be taken off of orders made through 9/19/11.

21 thoughts on “NEW – Villainess Bad Apples 2011 Fall Collection

  1. Is it weird that I want to eat these candles? 😉

    Thanks for spreading the love with your discount code. If only I wasn’t already so spendy this week…

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