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Heeley Menthe Fraiche EDP Perfume Review

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Heeley Menthe Fraiche is a fresh mint fragrance.Don’t let this scare you. It does not smell medicinal or like chewing gum. This is a brilliant mint fragrance. The problem: I can barely smell it after 30 minutes.

At first the fragrance is a very herbaceous mint. It smells like when I go to my herb garden and just snip the herbs to use in cocktails or fro-yos. It’s a pleasant mix of muddled spearmint and peppermint. It has a bit of a “zing” to it. It then gets very “hygienic” peppermint fresh, it slightly borders toothpaste, but it has a burst of citrusy bergamot that keeps it from being like dental hygiene products. It feels cool to the sniffer. Energizing. Refreshing.  It gets more earthy. I get the tea and citrus bergamot notes. It seems grassy, green, and fresh. This is a very nice green tea middle. I think the green tea fragrance snobs out there could really enjoy this stage. It still has the mint. The mint is much more subtle being taken over by the earthy greenness of green tea. The dry-down is very light and I do pick up a bit of white cedar, think the type that Diptyque uses, clean and warm. I still get the faintest hint of mint throughout the wear.

The scent feels so familiar, but not like I’ve sniffed it as a perfume before. For me, it’s summer. It’s approaching the cool “mint patch”, my minty herb garden on the side of the house that gets less sun. I smell the mint but it feels like it is being filtered through the humidity and my distance. I then get the “zing”. This is an invigorating moment. Like muddling and releasing the oils of the mint I’ve collected. It’s a jolt. The “grassy” part is taking the minty beverage (either a Mint Julep or a Moroccan Mint tea) out on the deck on a summer evening. I get the breeze and the grassy smells of the freshly cut lawns from hours before. I get the smell of warm faint, warm cedar from my deck. This perfume goes from invigorating to relaxing. From cool to warm.

I  know I won’t be purchasing a bottle. I have a sample and I’m happy with that. Summer isn’t that long of a season here. And the lasting power is terrible. I’m talking like 30 minutes in mild 60° weather. It should not be labeled as an EDP but as a cologne. I feel this is deceiving, especially at the price point (about $41 an ounce). I can’t pick it up after 1 hour.  This being said, I must declare that this is my favorite mint fragrance so far. I had no idea that I could like a mint fragrance. This does not come across as medicinal or overly masculine. I think it appeals to me because I love green tea fragrances. If you are looking for a green tea fragrance, you should try Menthe Fraiche. The maté is awesome in this. It’s earthy. This being said, I think mint lovers could like this one and those that don’t like mint. It’s just a light and refreshing fragrance that is wonderful to wear in summer. Maybe I would like that it doesn’t last long on those unbearable hot, sticky days? I’m sure I’ll try it again on a 90° summer day. I’ll see if my tastes change. My tastes may change but my common sense won’t. It’s hard to spend about $140 on a fragrance that I’ll get a week of wear out of.

My husband tried this. He liked it, but he can’t get over the lasting power. It disappeared on him in about 30 minutes. He complained and asked about the price of this fragrance. He wasn’t happy about that price for 20 minutes of wear. He also commented that Moroccan tea is just as refreshing on a hot summer day and it is much cheaper. Is it possible hat this is one of those fragrances that one is “immune” to? We can’t smell it? Or is supposed to evaporate like this? I don’t know. This fragrance, even though I like it, won’t work for me.

Notes listed include mint leaves, Sicilian bergamot, maté, green tea, lotus leaves, white cedar.

Give this a try if you like refreshing colognes, green tea colognes, or herbaceous fragrances. Also, give it a try if you are OK with something being very light wearing. Give it a try if you like scents such as L’Occitane Green Tea with Mint EDP, Diptyque L’Eau des Hersperides EDT, Annick Goutal Eau du Sud EDT, L’Artisan L’Éte en Douce EDT, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca EDT, and/or Cartier Pasha Fraicheur Menthe EDT.

I have not tried Parfums des Beaux Arts by DSH Menthe Moderne EDP. The description sounds similar to (if not more interesting than) Heeley Menthe Fraiche. It isn’t much cheaper but I would pay that if it lasted for at least 3 hours. I like Heeley Menthe Fraiche but I can not excuse the short wear.

The 3.3 oz. spray retails for $136. It is available at and Barney’s.

This fragrance is Moroccan tea.  This beautiful picture is from the blog, Hostess with the Mostess. Get a Traditional Moroccan Tea recipe here at their website. Maybe this can be your refreshing mint pick-me-up instead of Heeley Menthe Fraiche?

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8 thoughts on “Heeley Menthe Fraiche EDP Perfume Review

  1. This sounds very refreshing. I usually like really light fragrances in the summer. Maybe I should give this a try next year!

    1. This fragrance usually gets rave reviews. It is very nice but didn’t last on me at all. You should try it, maybe it’ll like you better than me and it’ll stick 🙂

  2. I actually really like this one. I know that it isn’t very noticeable but that is why I like it. It’s what I like to wear when I don’t feel like wearing a fragrance. It’s refreshing, just like the tea.

    1. I understand liking a fragrance that isn’t very noticeable. I just wish I could smell this one. We all have one that we are “immune” to!

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