Q: What are your credentials for writing about fragrance? 

A: I didn’t realize that one needed credentials for writing about fragrance. I don’t have any. I’m not a perfumer. This is my hobby blog. I’ve always been interested in flavors and fragrances. I was the kid that smelled everything. I tried to eat everything. I sold perfume at a department store while I was in college (early 2000s) and this exposed me to the commercial end of fragrances. My love of perfume grew ever more at this time thanks to my job and online communities. I ended up minoring in French because of my perfume obsession and I took a few chemistry classes. My career was in speech therapy but I continued to have fragrance as a hobby. I started writing EauMG in 2008 to connect with others that were fragrance hobbyists. Since then I’ve sniffed tons of things, wrote about tons of things, gained some technical words along the way and I’ve even been playing with raw materials. The answer to this question is that this is not only my hobby, but my passion.

Q: What are your credentials for writing about beauty?

A: I don’t really have those either because I didn’t know you needed credentials. Once again, this is a hobby, passion and borderline obsession. As a kid, I’d only color the faces in coloring books. Even Luck Skywalker who I assumed was a butch lesbian that needed to wear purple lipstick because it was more “editorial” and edgy. My first grade report card was covered in pictures that I drew of lipstick and witches. (geez, I haven’t changed). I did work as a professional makeup artist. And I’m not just saying that. People paid me. I ended up doing work for brides, country music stars, music videos but mostly for strippers when they had clients in town they wanted to impress. They wanted to impress ballers. I ended up moving across the country and didn’t do makeup professionally anymore.

I do “Vintage” looks because I still like makeup and like to play around with. The world wide web is filled with people that do better makeup tutorials than I do. The world wide web is filled with people that are better makeup artists than I am. But, I enjoy makeup and I do these posts for myself. I also like to do these looks because they are classic, pretty looks you can do with product you already own. Plus, they’re more practical. I mean, I love looking at a scene of “Nightmare Before Christmas” on somebody’s lids just as much as anybody else but I’m never going to do that. I want to show you looks that you can do even if you aren’t a makeup maven and you only have 15 minutes before you are meeting your friends for happy hour.

Q: How do you test fragrances? 

A: I’m a brave one and wear all of the fragrances on skin. Paper is whack. It doesn’t have a soul and perfume wasn’t meant to be sprayed on little strips of paper. I apply the fragrance in the format in comes in. For example, if the full-size bottle has a sprayer/atomizer, I test by sprayed. If the bottle is an oil or cologne splash, I apply by dabbing/splashing. I test fragrances many times before publishing a review. I wear it and take notes. I like to wear it in warm weather, cool weather (indoors/outdoors). On average, I test a perfume 5-10 times before publishing a review.

I do not wear scented body products or scented detergents for my laundry. And my disclaimer is that because of my heritage and who I am, I go through tons of cumin, spices and garlic in a month. I can’t say that this doesn’t affect what I smell like. I’m not giving up kebabs. Ever.

Q: Can our company send you product to review?

A: Yes, please contact me at victoria@eaumg.net. Keep in mind that I work on an editorial calender and it may take a few months for me to review your product. I also right honest reviews and do not guarantee a positive review. I also host giveaways if I think my readers will be interested in the product or service. For my readers, I disclose if a product was provided by PR for review.

Q: Does EauMG accept advertising or use affiliate links?

A: Yes but I rarely have advertisers because I don’t do outreach and don’t use an ad network. Please contact me if you would like to see my media kit. I do not accept “paid” posts or do any paid campaigns. I do use affiliate links and I disclose this in every post if it is applicable. Here’s my deal with affiliate links, I only link to those that I personally buy from such as Fragrancenet, Nordstrom, Beauty.com and Beautyhabit. I like their products and customer service. I honestly don’t know why I bother with affiliate links as the commission is 5% and I pay taxes on it. I use it to pay for my private hosting of EauMG.

Q: Can we do a link exchange?

A: Thank you for thinking about EauMG! Please let me know and I’ll see if I can add you to my blogroll. To be added to my blogroll, I like to make sure that your site is relevant to mine and that it may be of interest to those that read EauMG.

Q: What is your privacy policy?

A: EauMG does not release any personal information shared on this site. Subscription sites are monitored and maintained by third parties and the identity of subscribers is not released. I do not sell your info! For spam concerns, those that comment on EauMG must enter their email address. This is not made public and doesn’t appear on EauMG.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The content on EauMG is protected by applicable copyright laws, which prohibit the usage of any material appearing on this site for commercial purposes. Please respect my work and ask for consent to use any materials. If you would like to pay me to write, contact me and we’ll talk rates. Do not steal my content. I’m OK with linking to it.

DISCLAIMER – EauMG is a  a personal blog created and written by me, Victoria Jent. I am not paid to recommend anything by anyone and I only write about products that I have sampled myself (and that I’ve sampled many times). I do not write about fragrance or beauty brands with which I have been involved as part of my professional career as a public relations specialist for my business, Ajent Communications.

Also, I’m not a doctor. I’m flattered that you would think I am. Don’t take my recommendations as medical advice.  I am not responsible for any result or consequence of your decision to try a product that I’ve reviewed.

And remember, these are all my opinions and this my hobby blog that I write because I enjoy writing it. I may like a fragrance you find repulsive. A skincare item may work for me, but won’t work for you. I may hate your favorite mascara. We all have our opinions and this is one of the reasons why I love to write for this blog! Love to hear your view points. BUT This is my blog and I won’t accept any attacks on myself or other readers of EauMG. It’s fine to say you dislike something, but no direct attacks or name calling. These will be deleted especially if it sounds like a line out of the movie “Idiocracy”. No trolls allowed on EauMG unless they have a jewel in their bellybutton and rainbow colored hair.

You can also find EauMG on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. If you need to contact me, please email me at victoria@eaumg.net. I check this email a few times a week.

3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello,

    First I’d like to thank you for having a passion and sharing it with the world. I think your blog is very well put together.

    Is fragrancenet too good to be true? I recently discovered it and almost everything is about 50% off. There has to be some catch like the bottles are close to expiration right?

    What men’s fragrances that you believe are awesome, in your personal opinion?

    1. Everything that I’ve bought from Fragrancenet, I’ve been happy with. I’m not in the discount perfume business but I have a good idea as to how they can offer us such deals (actually I should do a post on that).

      I tend to like masculine-masculines and here is my post – https://www.eaumg.net/eaumgs-favorite-masculine-fragrances-for-men/

      But, it really depends on the person. For more modern fragrances, I like Penhaligon’s Sartorial, Parfums Divine L’Homme Sage, Tom Ford Extreme and most of the CdG perfumes.

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