Diptyque Philosykos EDT Fragrance Review

So far, I haven’t met a Diptyque fragrance that I haven’t loved. I can say that Diptyque Philosykos is my all time favorite fig scent ever. Ever. I’m a fig fragrance nut. I “collect” them even if I love them or not. It is a nostalgia thing. It makes me think of my childhood spending summers in the Southeast and a big move to the Pacific Northwest as an adult.

Philosykos is a great blend. It is fairly simple but it completely conveys the fig tree and its surroundings. This fragrance was meant to contain all “parts” of the fig tree including sap, trunk, and leaves in growth. It does. This is a “fresh” fig fragrance because it smells like a living fig tree. This means that it doesn’t smell like a fig dessert or the fruit or the bark or dried leaves. It smells like a living fig tree, plain and simple. When you spritz the fragrance you get the feeling that you are standing beside a few fig trees in the late of summer with a warm Southern breeze.  Or maybe setting near the sea on a large driftlog, feeling the warmth of sea pebbles and sand below your summer sandals, and thinking of the fresh figs you’ve just picked on the your walk down to the shore. It’s that simple. You smell the greeness of the leaves, the woodiness of the smooth bark, and the fig sap which sometimes has an almost latex-like aroma. It also contains white cedar and this grounds this scent beautifully and makes it longer wearing. (It is much more noticeable in the dry-down and reminds me of sea smoothed driftwood.) Like I said, this scent is fairly simple and very realistic. I love it for all-year wear. It’s light, not heavy, wears for about 5 hours (good for an EDT), and it is a “memory” fragrance for me.This is a must for a fig fragrance lover since it seems to “define” the fig fragrance as a genre.

It retails for $88 for 1.7 oz. It is available at Space NK.

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9 thoughts on “Diptyque Philosykos EDT Fragrance Review

  1. I quite liked Philosykos…very unusual smell, very leafy, figgy and creamy – but I have to say I stopped wearing it as the fragrance’s leafy notes were somewhat overwhelming…! I may return to it in the summer.

    • It’s funny because for the past 2 weeks (beginning of Feb.) this is what I have been wearing. I think it is because I long for summer and I’m tired of the cool, damp weather. I can see how it isn’t fitting. I should be wearing something a bit more woodsy or with some warmth. I think fig fragrances are my “default”. I am such a fig fan that I can wear them all of the time. However, I do agree that this fragrance is a must have for summer. It is so effortless and fresh.

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