A Beautiful Life Composition EDP Perfume Review

A Beautiful Life Composition

It’s back to school time. And even though, I’ve long been out of school and I don’t have children, I was oddly haunted by one of those cliché “Oh, no! You really didn’t earn a diploma so you’re going to have come back for this course” dreams. The dream didn’t end up in Jerri Blank “Strangers with Candy” mode, but it was just me cursing and really pissed about this delay in recognizing such a mix up. What’s up with those stupid dreams? Anyway… Continue reading

Terveer Green Perfume Oil Review

Terveer Green Perfume Oil

Terveer is a line of perfume oils inspired by the founder’s mother, “an unusually cosmopolitan farm girl with a passion for beauty“. When I was introduced to these perfumes at NY NOW, I was attracted to their cosmopolitan simplicity. The scents The best way I can describe that is by comparing it to food, like how sometimes a simple caprese salad can be better than anything else in the world. Terveer is like a market fresh caprese salad served on a gorgeous serving ware… Continue reading

April Aromatics Rose L’Orange EDP Natural Perfume Review

April Aromatics Rose L'Orange

It’s September which is good. I’m so over August. It’s too hot and too humid. However, September hasn’t gotten the memo yet. It’s also hot and humid. And it looks like the entire week is going to be this way. My brain is sick of trying to function in this mess. So, let’s start this first day of September out with something pretty and uplifting, OK?

April Aromatics Rose L’Orange is a pretty floral with sweetness that is never cloying. Rose L’Orange opens with an orange… Continue reading

Arquiste Fleur de Louis EDP Perfume Review

Arquiste Fleur de Louis

All of the Arquiste perfumes are like little scented “time capsules” and are inspired by specific times in history. Fleur de Louis is a perfume inspired by Louis XIV circa 1660 in the Basque Region. Fleur de Louis is a cool white floral with iris. It’s one of those perfume-perfumes. You know, a perfume for people that wear perfume.

Fleur de Louis opens as cool orange blossoms and jasmine with an aldehydic greenness. It’s sheer with a cool rain freshness. As the fragrance wears, there’s an addition… Continue reading | 4 Comments

NY NOW Summer 2015 Wrap-up

NY Now Logo

Last week I went to NY Now which is a large home, lifestyle and gift trade show. I call it the “Acres of Soy Candles Event” because that’s why I go. I go for the candles.

Let me start out by apologizing for the lack of pictures. My phone’s battery was so low and honestly, when I’m at these things I get so distracted by stuff that I forget to take pictures. Plus, some exhibitors don’t like for photos to be taken.

Here were some highlights… Continue reading | 9 Comments