M. Micallef Mon Parfum EDP Perfume Review

M. Micallef Mon Parfum

I’ve been meaning to do a “you need an upgrade” sort of feature on EauMG for years. My thoughts with this is to choose a rather popular perfume and give niche/luxury “equivalents” of it. But, I worried people would take it the wrong way. I didn’t want people to think that I was snobby because I’m not. I wear a lot of designer perfumes and I didn’t want people to think that I think niche is “better” just because it’s harder to find or more expensive… Continue reading

Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu EDP Perfume Review

Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu

I have not been impressed with any of the more recent Tom Ford Private Blend launches and yes, I’m still bitter about Amber Absolute‘s retirement. In fact, I think many of the “regular” Tom Ford perfumes are more interesting than the newer Private Blends! When I heard of the new Patchouli Absolu launch, I wasn’t expected much…and yes, I’m still bitter about Purple Patchouli’s retirement. However, with this launch, I smell a little “glimmer of hope” when it comes… Continue reading

Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur Extrait Perfume Review

Neela Vermeire Mohur Extrait

Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur is one of those few perfumes that I’m always in the mood for. It’s a gourmand rose with leather. Mohur is one of my favorite roses. There’s now a limited edition extrait available.

Mohur Extrait opens with a cherry tobacco and coriander aldehydes. Mohur Extrait reminds me very much of the EDP; however, the extrait is richer, deanser and deeper. There’s a sharp, dry camphoric element (from oud and patchouli) that cuts through the sweetness of the rose and carrot pudding. Mohur… Continue reading | 7 Comments

Providence Perfume Co. Natural Perfume Oil Reviews – Round 2

Are you ready for Round 2? A few weeks ago I reviewed three of the new six perfume oils from Providence Perfume Co. And here’s my impressions of the rest in this new collection:

Providence Perfume Summer Yuzu

Summer Yuzu with notes of sunflower, cedrat, aglaia flower, yuzu, grapefruit, tomato and frankincense

Summer Yuzu is tangy! It’s a very realistic yuzu with citrus. Summer Yuzu reminds me more of winter because it reminds me of yujacha, a Korean tea that’s basically a yuzu marmalade that you drink to… Continue reading | 2 Comments

Acqua di Parma Profumo EDP Perfume Review

Acqua di Parma Profumo


December is the month that I start to crave chypres. I blame it on the decadence of the holidays. All the tinsel, lights, spicy aromas must rub off on me. I too, want to be decked out like some sort of suburban Christmas tree. I want to be covered in jewels, sparkles, tinsel, silk and velvet! But, I can’t walk around like a human version of a Macy’s Holiday tree. However, I can wear perfumes that remind me of the decadence of the holidays. I… Continue reading | 4 Comments