Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black EDP Perfume Review

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Elizabeth & James is a fashion brand ran by the Olsen Twins who over the years oddly enough, went from sitcom babies to grown-up style icons. So, even though Mary-Kate and Ashley are celebs, this is a perfume related to their clothing brand so it’s a designer perfume (even the fashion brand Elizabeth & James goes out of their way to NOT mention the twins). When I test designer perfumes, I don’t only go by “oh, I… Continue reading | 2 Comments

DSH Perfumes Amouse Bouche EDP Perfume Review – Passport to Paris

DSH Amouse Bouche EDP


It’s sort of funny that I review perfume online but I’m the type of person that tries to avoid reading stuff like Yelp reviews. There’s a few reasons why. One of the reasons is that I hate “researching” so much before eating. Do you remember when we were more spontaneous and would just eat at a restaurant you were walking by? Another reason is that the reviews get annoying. Someone is like “Wow, too spicy!” and then I go and think it’s not spicy… Continue reading | 4 Comments

In the House – Brand Spotlight on aroma M Perfume

aroma M logo

In the House is a feature on EauMG. I’m collecting my experiences from years of perfume sampling and putting together a quick brand overview. There are so many perfume lines out there that it can be overwhelming. My goal with this is to quickly introduce people to niche and indie lines that may be of interest to them.

Who’s in the house? aroma M

Maria McElroy

The perfumer & founder: Maria McElroy

Here’s a great… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Susan D. Owens Child Perfume Oil Review

Child Perfume

Susan D. Owens Child perfume is one of those cult classic perfumes. In the late 90’s, it was one of my first introductions to niche perfumes (via Internet). Back then people were all about some of this heady white floral perfume oil made in California. If you haven’t sniffed it, you wanted to sniff it so you could talk about it with your cool makeup friends in forums. Back then, it was all about being exclusive…

Child is a heady white floral with a clean musk. It… Continue reading

Blooming Dream Drunken Flowers EDP Natural Perfume

Blooming Dream Drunken Flowers

Hey, even flowers want to have a good time! Blooming Dream shows us that flowers are loving, fun drunks and not the mean, start-a-fight drunks.

With a name like Drunken Flowers it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this smells boozy. It opens as a golden citrus cocktail. It reminds me of a boozy creamsicle (orange and vanilla) with spicy cardamom. The heart is a boozy, sweet floral – like orange blossoms and cognac. Yes, drunken flowers. Drunken Flowers dries down to a creamy sandalwood… Continue reading | 10 Comments