Annick Goutal Eau du Sud EDT Fragrance Review

Annick Goutal Eau du Sud review

I love Annick Goutal Eau du Sud EDT for summer wear. This is such an energizing citrus fragrance. It’s a nice “salty” citrus.

At first Eau du Sud is a bergamot and grapefruit bomb. This isn’t especially special or ground breaking. It really smells like when I put a dab of L’Aromarine Bergamote oil on one wrist and a dab of L’Aromarine Grapefruit oil on the other and rub my wrists together. It’s a “rugged” citrus, grapefruit blend. It’s the kind of citrus that is appropriate for both sexes but it leans more towards the masculine end of the spectrum. It’s tart but not bubbly and feminine. This super citrus bomb lasts on my skin for sometime. I fail to pick up the other citrus notes. This really smells like essentials oils of bergamot and grapefruit on me. Slightly salty citrus. Think a Salty Dog here (hmmm…am I talking mixed drink or “experienced” sailor?). Eau du Sud is a warm citrus, after about 1 hour of wear, I can pick up a faint herbal aroma, the licorice like sweetness of basil. Somehow with this addition of “green”, it doesn’t smell cool. The dry-down still smells like a very salty, rugged grapefruit base that’s sort of dry and mossy. I imagine it as a grapefruit peel that has been dried out by the sun.

I really do like Annick Goutal Eau du Sud because I like less feminine citrus fragrances. However, Eau du Sud isn’t mind-blowing enough for me to indulge in a bottle (at full price). I find that in comparison that my dab of L’Aromarine Bergamote and Pamplemousse oils wear about the same as Eau du Sud. In fact, the L’Aromarine lasts much longer because of their oil base. Eau du Sud does have subtle herbal nuances but these nuances aren’t different enough from the $18 of French perfume oil to invest in an $80 bottle of Eau du Sud. Don’t get me wrong, Eau du Sud is nice and should be sampled by those that love grapefruit. I like grapefruit scents but only wear them occasionally, this is why I invest less in them. For an EDT, this fragrance wears for 4+ hours on me in 80° heat.

I need to say that I am reviewing a new bottle of Eau du Sud bought in 2010. I wonder if this formula has been changed due to recent regulations in the fragrance industry. Eau du Sud doesn’t smell like how I remember it. I also read other blogs before 2009 and they mention the lemon. I get absolutely no lemon and no lime. Really all I get from this fragrance is bergamot and grapefruit.

Notes listed include bergamot, tangerine, grapefruit, Key lime, verbena, peppermint, basil, patchouli, oakmoss, jasmine, and vetiver.

Give Annick Goutal Eau du Sud a try if you like less feminine citrus such as the L’Aromaine that I’ve mentioned, Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne, Kiehl’s Essence Rollerball in Grapefruit, Parfums de Nicolai L’Eau Mixte EDT, Burberry Weekend for Men, Carthusia Via Carmelle Profumo , and/or Parfums des Beaux Arts by DSH Pamplemousse EDP.

The 1.7 oz retails for $80 and the 3.3. oz for $115. Both bottles pictured are available. You chose if you want the more feminine or the more masculine bottle. This fragrance is available at Nordstrom and Harrods (UK). Sometimes will have this scent on discount. Search both men’s and women’s fragrances for the different sized bottles.

Pamplemousse illustration antique

Fragrance & Food:

This Annick Goutal fragrance really makes me think of a cocktail, Salty Dog. Here’s a lovely recipe (for the 21+ crowd) from Martha Stewart Living. Garnish it with basil for a real “Eau du Sud” touch.

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8 thoughts on “Annick Goutal Eau du Sud EDT Fragrance Review

  1. Hey, i do love grapefruit and I’ve never tried this, thanks for the review! I’ve been really impressed with the Parfusm de Nicolai samples I have tried, so maybe I’ll order a L’eau Mixte as well.

    • This is a “sweaty grapefruit” which I like.
      Parfums de Nicolai really knows how to do citrus. They are always so refreshing.

  2. I love citrus. I’ve never heard of this Annick Goutal before. I have Eau d’Hadrien but I’ve never seen this one at store.

    • I would say that Eau du Sud is the less popular Annick citrus fragrance. I don’t think many stores carry it 🙁 I hope you can find it and sniff it.

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