EauMG’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Goth

goth gift guide

Every year I put together a holiday gift guide for the freaks, goths, post-punk dames, vintage vamps and alt-chics – my favorite types of people. This is one of my favorite gift guides to put together as I never outgrew that “phase”. So, it includes all the stuff that I want. Here’s my guide for all those that fancy the vampy:

goth gift guide

1. Blackbird Square Soap in Nightshade – Here’s handmade in Seattle soaps with active… Continue reading | 13 Comments

Acqua di Parma Profumo EDP Perfume Review

Acqua di Parma Profumo


December is the month that I start to crave chypres. I blame it on the decadence of the holidays. All the tinsel, lights, spicy aromas must rub off on me. I too, want to be decked out like some sort of suburban Christmas tree. I want to be covered in jewels, sparkles, tinsel, silk and velvet! But, I can’t walk around like a human version of a Macy’s Holiday tree. However, I can wear perfumes that remind me of the decadence of the holidays. I… Continue reading | 4 Comments

Announcing the Tauer Advent Calender Winner!

vintage advent calender

I want to thank everyone that entered into the Tauer Advent Calender draw hosted by EauMG. There were many entries and I’m happy how the perfume community was brought together by Tauer’s generous giveaway. Reading through all of your December scent memory comments brought me so much joy! It was great to reminiscence with all of you. I actually learned many things too:

  • I learned so much about different holiday traditions around the

The Lipstick League – Week of 12/8/14

Laurette Luez

The Lipstick League – Week of 12/8/14

Question of the Week: What is your favorite holiday lip look?

EauMG’s Answer: It depends as I’m rather fickle with these things. I’d say the obvious one, red. But, I also like really dark lip colors and sometimes I’ll go for the light brown/mauve lipsticks with too much eyeliner. This year, I’ve been craving glossy red lips and metallic eyeshadows. Or really dark purple lipstick and minimal eye makeup. 

My Beauty Bunny – Still shopping for that… Continue reading

Bond No. 9 Perfumista Avenue EDP Perfume Review

Bond No. 9 Perfumista Avenue

Bond No. 9 usually makes perfumes inspired by places in NYC, but apparently with their extensive catalogue they needed to branch out as all the New York references have been exhausted. I mean they launched a Queens perfume this year…Anyway, last year they launched a couple of perfumes inspired by the community of perfume lovers instead of locations in NYC. There was WWW  DOT Bond Whatever and this one, Perfumista Ave. I playfully poked fun at the names last year in my… Continue reading