EauMG’s February 2015 Favorites


Moxi is happy February is over too.

February is always my least favorite month of the year. It coincides with my “over it” feelings that I usually get during winter. I have to keep telling myself that once February is over that winter has no other choice than to get out. It’s no longer welcome. Historically February is never an “easy” month for me. We try to not make any life-changing decisions during that month because it’s usually some response to SAD. I’m pretty sure that I… Continue reading | 29 Comments

The Lipstick League – Week of 3/2/15

Guerlain Vega

The Lipstick League – Week of 3.2.15

Question of the Week: Have any of your favorite fragrances been discontinued?, If you had the ability to bring back any discontinued fragrances, what would they be?

EauMG’s Answer: Oh, where do I start? I know I’m going to forget some really obvious ones but here’s what I can think of today: Estee Lauder Youth Dew Amber Nude, Dior Tendre Poison, Guerlain Shalimar Light, Guerlain Vega, Gucci Rush, Bvlgari Omnia

Von Eusersdorff New York Classic Vetiver EDP Perfume Review

Von Eusersdorff Classic Vetiver

Von Euserdorff is a line of modern “classic” perfumes. And they really do that so well. The fragrances are simple, but that is their strength. These are the sort of classic fragrances that I see myself wearing on a daily basis, like the perfume equivalent of wardrobe staples. Classic Vetiver really is a classic vetiver.

Classic Vetiver is like a peppery vetiver with sharp, lemon-y resins. It’s like a bright, citrus vetiver with a sharp, green geranium. The heart is spicy and dry with black… Continue reading

Olympic Orchids Kingston Ferry EDP Perfume Review

Olympic Orchids


Let me start this review with the fact that I know exactly what the Kingston Ferry terminal smells like; I’m all too familiar with PNW ferries. And before I even heard about Olympic Orchids and many other indie perfume brands, I had fantasized about having a perfume that smelled like ferry terminals (and oddly I’ve always thought Dior Fahrenheit smells sort of like the Seattle Ferry terminal).

Kingston Ferry opens with something like motor oil and really dry woods. The flowers and plants in this fragrance are… Continue reading | 4 Comments

Tauer 02 L’Air du Desert Marocain EDT Perfume Review

Tauer L'Air du Desert Marocain perfume

Growing up, I was drawn to the desert. And the ocean. I was drawn to both of them for their enigmatic vastness and this paired well with my innate wanderlust. Plus, the ocean and the desert were rather enticing to a young gal growing up in Tennessee.

My fascination with the desert never went away; my aversion to UV rays and extreme weather have kept me from spending much time in the desert but I love the idea of them, what they symbolize to… Continue reading | 15 Comments